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Why Using a Smaller Contractor Can Give Better Results

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

If you are a business, then you understand the importance of having a trustworthy work force onboard to fulfil your objectives. Not applying the same principles to building and maintenance projects can cause major headaches. When it comes to getting these needs satisfied, who should you turn to?

In this post, we look the benefits of turning to smaller contractors.

Smaller Contractors Are More Agile

In general, the larger the company, the more standardised their services will be. In many instances that will mean their services can be pricey and quite rigid.

Smaller contractors tend to show a more flexible approach to contracts and in meeting the requirements of the contracting company.

Well run smaller contractors will often have the ability to make fast and firm decisions, whereas larger competitors may be held back by slower and more methodical practices set out by company SOPs.

Smaller Contractors Focus On The Main Line

Larger contractors are generally challenged with dealing with several projects and service lines all over the country. Smaller companies can offer more attention and focus on your needs.

Better Response Times

Larger contractors provide more hurdles when it comes to attendance and response times. Often there are tiers of management and protocols to be negotiated before getting solutions.

With top tier management ‘closer to the action’, you have a better chance of speaking to somebody who actually cares about the reputation of their business and in turn providing you with a good service. Well run smaller businesses have the ability to provide a swifter more focussed response.

Not only do smaller contractors thrive from local work, but it can also be hugely beneficial to their reputation building within the area.

Bardic Construction:

- Make it a priority to answer calls and offer solutions

- Have the ability to re-allocate resources at short notice and respond to clients’ needs

- Rely on local reputation. With on-going and lasting relationships with industrial clients such as Sandvik Osprey, Timet UK, First Cymru and Western Power we have proven we can provide a long lasting and reliable service.

- Prioritise Professionalism and Health and Safety (Accredited by Achilles, Chas and Constructionline).

- Provide prompt services from general day work and maintenance to Civil Engineering and New Build projects, throughout South Wales.

Give us a ring and let us show you what we have to offer!

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