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The Importance of Bollards & Barrier Protection at Industrial Premises

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Bollards and Barriers

With a new year almost upon us, many business owners will be taking this as an opportunity to review their workplace processes and procedures, with a view to upgrading and expanding their business. They will also be making sure they are moving forward with their safety mechanisms.

If you are doing the same, have you considered the installation of bollards or barrier protection? It might be time to do so, and here are a few reasons why bollards or barrier protection can keep you, your workforce, your property and your clients safe.

Increased Awareness:

When a workforce is familiar with their daily working environment it can be very easy for their awareness of their surroundings to diminish slightly and this can be all it takes for an accident to occur. With this in mind, safety barriers are a handy tool to have in place, to guarantee your workers aren’t switching off when it comes to physical awareness.

The Devil’s in the Detail:

The steps necessary to reduce risk within your premises should be covered in your company’s Health & Safety Policy, and any changes should be noted and communicated to the workforce ASAP. So, installation of safety equipment such as bollards or barriers gives a clear sign to your workforce that you are constantly assessing the work environment, both for their benefit and the growth of the business.

Vehicular Protection:

One important reason for installing bollards or barrier protection is to reduce any possible damage to your vehicular fleet. A lack of protection could result in costly damages, that’s why it is important to review what type of barriers you have (if you have them), or to assess what barriers you need (if you don’t have them) and to make sure you have the most efficient model available. The last thing any business needs is a disruption or injury!

Equipment and Stock Protection:

A vehicle collision can wreak havoc not only on your fleet but think of the potential damages and losses if your stock and equipment is damaged. Not only will you have the headache of having to replace or repair the vehicle or vehicles involved, but there is also the burden of replacing any damaged goods as well. The financial implications of lacklustre protection can be devastating across the board, so think ahead and reduce the potential productivity-limiting nightmares with the installation of barrier protection to ensure important areas of your business are safeguarded from harm.

Expect the unexpected:

It's nigh-on impossible to create a hazardless workplace, you can, however, reduce the possibility of any accidents occurring. Installing measures such as safety barriers shows your workforce you are keeping their health and wellbeing at the top of your priority list, creating a comfortable workplace for everyone, including you, the business owner.

If you have any questions about how you can reduce risk within your organisation, then you are more than welcome to get in touch with us here at Bardic Construction. We have years’ worth of experience and can advise on the best risk reduction solutions for your company. We’re like you after all, we only want the best for your business and everyone that works within it!

Get in contact on 01792 872519 or and one of our team will be happy to assist with your query.

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