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Fire Stopping Services

Fire safety 

Architects, Planners, Building control, and building owners are each responsible for playing their part in effective fire protection. Often building owners do not realise that Firestop is not an option, it is a clear legal requirement, negligence or improper Firestop is a violation of the law. Over half of all fire deaths, are not in the room where the fire started,

and 75% of fire deaths are caused by smoke.

When there are holes in walls and floors, `the toxic smoke easily spreads to the adjacent rooms.

The keys to effective fire protection are both active protection, such as sprinklers and fire alarms, but also Passive Fire Protection. The necessary penetration of services through compartment walls and floors causes the failure of integrity and insulation to occur where gaps around these services have been inadequately fire-stopped.

The use of a correctly installed certified firestopping system, will compartment the fire at its source and limit the risk to property and lives caused by the spread of fire.

Bardic are based in Swansea and cover the whole of the South and West Wales area.

We are approved installers of Fireus firestopping systems (fireus now kingspan) and can install the following:

Fire Batt
Fire Mastic
Fire Wraps
Fire Pillows
Fire Collars
Fire Barrier Curtain
Fire Compound
Intumescent Paint

Please contact us to discuss your needs and obtain free advice or a quote on your fire stopping requirements.

Covering Swansea, Wales and South Wales

Fire Proof wall entry
Firestopping wall connections
Fire Proof pipework
Fire stopping pipework
Fire Stopping cables
fire-stopping walls
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